Artek Sinergi

With a total model solution that is an end to end solution, we are the answer to Your company’s information technology needs match our slogan, One Stop IT Solution!


We are a company that offers complete and integrated solutions for consulting, designing, implementing, and maintaining products and information technology systems for your company’s business interests, both small and large scale.

Our company is engaged in information technology with experienced human resources and has serving various types of companies. The best service is our main concern with presenting branded and proven products on the market as our partners, so comprehensive services both in terms of software and hardware are our competitiveness.

PT. Artek Sinergi Multimedia is committed to providing the best solutions to companies (enterprise) to the needs of information technology. This includes consulting, designing, implementation, and maintenance.

Vision & Mission

“Become an independent technology-based company with an international scale”

  • Improve the quality of local applications that are globally
  • competitive Improve the quality of local human resources in the field of Technology and Information
  • Become a solution for clients in terms of technology and information

Company Strategy

Strategy begins with developing a comprehensive approach to analysis client needs and adapt them to existing IT trends.

Selection of suitable technology to suit client needs and provide solutions. Open and transparent discussion and selection will present the best solution for selection of technology to be used.

The optimum solution at the lowest cost will be provided and will always be considered between two parties in a professional manner in producing the most possible solution for developed.