Artek Service

  • ODM (Original Design Manufacture)
  • Database Application
  • Web Design & Programming
  • Server, Network and Communication

Our Service

ODM (Original Design Manufacture)

We develop, design, test and evaluate User Interfaces products Custom Products, OS (Operating System) mobile applications and other software development for TKDN purpose, to compile the development of mobile applications and Local Application Content including Local PT Artek Sinergi Multimedia's Store (EtalaseApps) on mobile phones, for the fulfillment of TKDN Cellular Phone products required by the Indonesian government.

Database Application / Database Software Development

Provides development services for specific program applications for various management purposes information held by a company. Using the latest programming languages ​​such as VB.Net, C #, C ++, Java, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Delphi, GIS, MapInfo, MapServer, Arcview, etc.

Web Design & Programming

Attractive and dynamic web application development. Prioritizing usability factors, navigation and web application efficiency. Using the latest technology based on Ajax, PHP, ASP.Net, Java, JSP, another framework.


high-quality IT support services and problem solving your problem also analysis and development to solve the issue we will invoke and follow our experience and will do the analysis first and sincerely advise you on personalized IT solution

Server, Network and Communication

Providing quality servers both at home and abroad. Cloud Server, VPS, Remote DB, Hosting, Linux / Windows, etc. Providing Networking installation facilities and infrastructure. Covering LAN, WAN, Wireless, Mail / Web Servers, Routers, PBAX Phones, VOIP, SMS Gateway, etc.